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The Healing Touch – Paperback


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“Profoundly moving, delightfully evocative and totally absorbing… reminds me of novels by Nicholas Sparks.”

– Mary Anne Yarde, author of the award-winning series The Du Lac Chronicles.

Isabelle spent her career as an opera singer and her life married to an emotionally unavailable man. Reaching the age when menopause is a reality, Isabelle loses her most precious gift – her voice. Critical decisions about her career and her marriage force her to face truths, passions, lies, loss, and love.

Isabelle must forge a new life for herself in a world that is suddenly unfamiliar.

But can she protect her heart in this love triangle in which she finds herself?

Explore The Healing Touch, inspired by true events and the first novel in the captivating Love Beyond Reason series, today.


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