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Love Beyond Reason Series




Forever and Ever Love

I’m hugely excited to introduce my new novel, Forever and Ever Love, the second novel in the Love Beyond Reason series.

You can find the eBook here and the paperback will also be available very soon:

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“In The Healing Touch, Angelina Kalahari opened our hearts and minds to the multidimensional nature of love in all its various guises. In this compelling sequel, Forever and Ever Love, she takes us deeper into the adventure of the timelessness of love – both its shadow and its light – by exploring the eternal nature of the soul. With characters drawn to each other across multiple lifetimes and moments in history, Angelina weaves a tapestry of enticing storylines that will move you to want to gain a greater understanding of the hidden treasures held in the forgotten recesses of your own heart. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, the love between these protagonists is so natural and believable, you will be invested in the outcome of their lives from the first chapter.”

– Alexandra Wenman, author of the ‘Archangel Fire Oracle’ and host of ‘The Alexandra Wenman Show’ on YouTube.

From award-winning author, Angelina Kalahari comes a Women’s Fiction novel that will stay with you forever.

How do you live in a world without the other half of your soul?

The reincarnated love Angelo and Isabelle share mean they will never give up their yearning for completion. 

In Ancient Egypt, their undying love is born. But dark forces are at play and as they face their doom, they swear an oath to find each other again. 

In eighteenth-century Venice, they fall in love again. But once more, their love is thwarted and their oath to reunite reaffirmed.

Now, in present-day London, they meet again. Will their love triumph this time or are they forever destined to reincarnate, meet briefly, but be forever unable to join the halves of their souls that belong together?

Will the darkness that’s kept them together-but-apart for centuries finally be defeated?

Disclaimer: This novel is written in British English and contains some heat. You can read this novel as part of the series or as a stand-alone novel. You may enjoy a better reading experience by reading it in order in the series.


The Healing Touch

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If you’ve already read  The Healing Touch and would like to review it, here’s the Amazon review page link:

Or paperback from here for £8.75 with free delivery in the UK only.
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The Healing Touch – Paperback

“Profoundly moving, delightfully evocative and totally absorbing… reminds me of novels by Nicholas Sparks.” 

  • Mary Anne Yarde, author of the award-winning series The Du Lac Chronicles.

How do you live in a world without your voice, without passion, and without James…?

Isabelle spent her career as an opera singer and her life married to an emotionally unavailable man. With the onset of the menopause, Isabelle loses her most precious gift – her voice. As time marches unforgivably on, Isabelle yearns to experience the love and passion she’d always dreamt of in her operatic roles.

Throwing herself into her work, Isabelle finds her soulmate in the least likely of moments. When James auditions for the lead in one of her shows, Isabelle discovers the one thing she has spent her life searching for – him.

But when James unexpectedly dies, Isabelle must forge a new life for herself in a world that is suddenly unfamiliar and forever cold.

Is it too late for her to find the love she craves or could Angelo be the healing touch to save her fragmented soul?

Inspired by true events, The Healing Touch is a mesmerising story of loss, heartbreak, passion and love in many guises.

If you liked The Notebook, then you’ll love The Healing Touch.

Explore The Healing Touch, the first novel in the captivating Love Beyond Reason series today.

Disclaimer: This novel is written in British English, contains some heat, a happy ending and can be read as a standalone novel. Don’t forget, it’s also available in Kindle Unlimited.


Videos on The Healing Touch

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my novel, The Healing Touch

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Children’s Novel: George And The Gargoyle Who Lived In The Garden


Thank you to everyone who bought a copy of George and the Gargoyle who lived in the Garden!

I would be delighted if you’d be so kind as to post a review on Amazon or Goodreads, telling me what you thought of George and the Gargoyle who lived in the Garden. Reviews are really important. Not only do they tell other potential readers what to expect from a novel, but they also allow the novel to live in the world. It means I’ll be able to continue to write more stories for you.

You can reach me directly at Please bear with me if I don’t respond straight away. I endeavour to respond to each email.



Did you know that Gargoyles were viewed in two ways by the church throughout history? Often gargoyles were used to assist the Church in conveying messages to the common people. Since literacy was uncommon, images were the best way to constantly convey ideas. Gargoyles were used as a representation of evil. It is thought that they were used to scare people into going to church, reminding them that the end of days was near. It is also thought that their presence assured congregants that evil was kept outside of the church’s walls.


The eBook and paperback is now available on Amazon uk here:

And here:

I’m very grateful that the wonderful award-winning YA author of The Du Lac Chronicles, Mary Anne Yarde, had this to say about George and the Gargoyle who lived in the Garden:

“It was the same dream, every single night…

First, there was this horrid, ear-splitting, squawking sound. And then a dreadful sense of fear, followed by the largest and brightest purple eye that George had ever seen.  And then, he would wake up!

George knew his parent was right. He was too old to be having such dreams and perhaps going to see a counsellor was the right thing to do. But how was a councellor going to help with the school bullies?

George longed for the school holidays, where he could escape the bullies and his unsympathetic father. He would be spending his summer with his believed Aunt Di and he could not wait.

George, however, had no idea, that his aunts garden was a magical place and that he was about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

What a fantastically gripping middle-grade story about a young boy and his exploits in a beautiful enchanted garden. The story was full of mystery and magic, with just enough suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat.

I could easily visualise George’s garden and his many friends he made there. I loved his relationship with Aunt Di and the evil witch certainly made me shiver!

A great story and an enjoyable read. I think this has the makings of an exciting series.”




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